Growing revenue starts by understanding how to dissect sales opportunities.

What does sales enablement mean to your organization? To many, it means that you provide your sales team with tools to reach customers, provide some training, and cheer on your sales team. But…………if you want to enable your sales team to grow revenue for the company, it starts with the opportunity.

You have probably seen some interesting data points from your marketing team. Prospects have different steps, a different value to each step, and data to make changes to improve. They put a lot of effort into getting leads to the sales team, and a lot of strategies as well. The cost is enormous and the basis to compare sales conversions against.

So what do we do to help our sales team? We have some neat tools to reach out to the customers, and some training to help us win. Is that enough?

When your company spends the big bucks to bring the leads to your team’s desk, the company’s profitability is now on your shoulders. There is no better place to increase profitability than to increase win rates because the leads sitting on your team’s desks have already been paid for. So what can the sales enablement team do to increase profitability? Focus on the sales opportunity.

You may be already attempting to do this by providing consultative and strategic sales training. That is great. But, you cannot measure anything without data. You need to have a tool to help the team manage the steps of the sales opportunity and cycle, and you also need to be able to use data to understand what is working and what is not. This is where we have been missing the entire history of the digital sales era.

Let’s look at it this way. If there are eight steps in a sales process on average, there are eight mini conversions that need to happen. They need to convert on each one of those meetings by driving the prospect to the next meeting. Just like your marketing team does. If you are not tracking, measuring, or gauging these steps, how will you know how to help your reps improve on the steps that they convert poorly on? You can’t.

What if you have a rep that is converting poorly on opportunities. You keep sending them through generic sales training, and they keep failing. In reality, they may be your best rep, with the highest conversion on all steps of the opportunity except one. If you can’t determine which that one step is that they are failing on and are leaning on generic sales stages that aren’t getting progressed, you will fail at enabling that sales rep, and you will fail at maximizing the revenue off of the leads that you already paid for.

Convert the leads that have already been paid for, and you will be the hero of your company because profitability will magically take off.

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