Why some of your top sales reps are at the bottom of your KPI reports.


Activities drive opportunities and opportunities drive revenue, right? Sort of.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used by sales organizations as benchmarks for reps so that they can understand whether the sales reps are completing the tasks or activities that lead to higher revenue. For example, if a rep is not closing deals leadership can look and see if they are having enough meetings. If they aren’t having enough meetings, leadership can see if they are making enough outbound prospecting calls. These are good metrics to follow, but do they really lead to more deals? Maybe not.

What are the real activities that lead to more closed deals? For you to answer that question, you have to think about how deals are closed. To close a deal, there are a series of meetings and steps that are part of the buyer’s decision-making process. The activities that your team needs to complete are the activities that progress deals. Whether that is an outbound prospecting call at the very beginning, or contract negotiation at the end, understanding and attaching KPIs to these steps are extremely important.

Some top reps are successful and it doesn’t match your KPI targets.

You may notice that some of your top reps are low on your currently tracked KPIs. You may be just looking at the wrong KPIs. Think of it this way, an opportunity has many steps until it gets to a close. Each step has its own conversion rate, meaning that they have to close each step to get to the next. The beginning steps are around outbound and initial meetings. Those steps are the easiest to achieve and are the least valuable in a sales opportunity. If they make 30 calls each day, and they screw up on one, it’s not that big of a deal, they can move to the next contact. But if they screw up a meeting with a CFO to finalize pricing, that is going to have a much bigger impact on the bookings and revenue.

It is very likely that your reps are better at the later steps with a higher meeting-to-meeting conversion, which means they are having more high-value meetings, and getting more bookings.

The problem you probably have today is that you are not tracking the higher value meetings. You may just track Zoom meetings, which doesn’t provide you any value in coaching, or understanding of how reps are doing on the highest value activities. You should have a way to track these activities, report on them, and see ways to make improvements.

If you aren’t looking at the high-value KPIs, you are likely missing out on a lot of revenue. There is even a good chance that one of your bottom-of-the-leaderboard reps could move to the top if you understood which step they were failing on that kept them from greater KPIs later down the funnel, and more bookings.

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