Share planning in sales opportunity with buyers

Customer Collaboration

The key to shortened sales cycles, higher booking values, and higher close rates is buyer collaboration.

Oppify enables your sales team to easily share a mutual action plan that is based on your sales playbook and incorporates the buyer's buying process.
With integrated calendar sharing, notes and other important milestone building tools, a solid plan between sales reps and buyers can be seamlessly managed.

Detailed sales opportunity insights and forecasting.

Want to spot check this month's forecast? Get a view of all deals that are scheduled to close for the time period selected, and how many steps out of total have been completed for each. You no longer have to ask the rep what needs to be done, just click once and see for yourself.

Find out which reps are leading the pack in opportunity steps completed for the day month, quarter or year. The biggest leading indicator of how much revenue a rep will close is how many steps the rep is progressing on their deals.

You want to get the most accurate forecasting possible? We would love to explain it to you, and we are sure that you will have one of those brilliant "lightbulb moments".

Close more deals in less time.

Accountability is the key to shorter sales cycles. By using Oppify's calendar integrated mutual action plan like tool, your reps will close more deals on-time and for higher booking values.

Understanding the how and why to revenue and opportunity management is the key to making changes that lead to a better running revenue engine. Oppify is the platform that will get you there.

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